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(BPT) -  - Do you know what's behind the drywall in your home? Unless you've ever had a home custom-built or have personally worked in construction, you might be unaware of the vital systems hidden within the walls of your home. But knowing how those systems work can help you make smart, money-...
(BPT) - With the fast-paced lives people can lead today, often we strive for instant gratification to fit into our busy schedules. So when it comes to home improvement projects, wouldn't you love an instant update for boring home decor? Fortunately, there are numerous fast fixes that can produce fan...
(BPT) - As America's 77 million-strong baby boomers reach retirement age, one thing is absolutely clear -- they are not going to quietly retreat into their golden years. The most active generation in America's history wants homes that will support their active lifestyles, and homes that will accommo... has received high marks by service providers; especially in New York and New Jersey, since Storm Sandy ravaged the area. Customers calling competitors were put on hold for 45 minutes. Customers calling waited only 3 minutes at the peak. added 70 operator...
Storm Sandy ravaged the NorthEast, but was busy helping service providers without phone service find customers. recevied over 250,000 requests for services, since October 30, 20012. Over 80% were processed by sendng leads to the service providers' cellphones. "I would be out ...

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Review by Jay P in Rocky Hill, CT 1/16/2013

I originally hire a plumbing company, we found on Google (not from to install bathrooms in our new home. It was a disaster. I cancelled the job midway and found They referred 3 plumbing and tile companies, who were all professional. We hired one company referred by Weezoo and they completed the job in less time and for less money than the original contractor. I also used for the rest of my project and had excellent results.

Review by Matt and Kathryn V in Bristol, CT 1/17/2013 is the only way to find contractors. Weezoo made all the appointments for us and we avoided all those nasty telemarketers after the Fall 2012 home show. Weezoo's contractor did the job profesionally, on time, and within budget. No surprises. In the past, we used to search for contractors on Google or the Yellow pages and got bad results every time. We originally tried Service Magic and got bombarded by over 20 telemarketers. I am telling erveryone I know to use to find any service they need. Rocks!

Review by Margo H in Glastonbury, CT 1/3/2013

We went to a home show in October 2012 and decided to give a try. We filled out a quote request form and we go 3 kitchen remodeling companies to bid on our request. vetted the contractors, so we knew we would find the top rated ones in CT. We are excited with our new kitchen. We are glad we used to find us the best of the best. save us endless hours of frustration and they even made the appointments for us with 3 contractors. It was a great experience.

Review by Val S. in West hartford, CT 7/14/2012

Project: Repair or Service - Central Air Conditioning System Received a call from John within 5 minutes after my request. John set up an appointment that afternoon and we had a technician at our door on time. It was hot and the only thing you want is the AC working. The job was completed quuickly and the technicians were neat and clean. I am impressed with the quality of providers that refers. I will only use for all my service needs in the future.

Review by Helen T in Edwardsville, IL 3/9/2012

We are really enjoying our new kitchen. We are so happy with the results and will recommend to friends and family. We requested quotes from 3 service providers on and chose Eagle. Thanks to all the guys and gals at Eagle involved with our remodel! They were right on schedule from start to finish. They all had a professional attitude and it shows in our kitchen.

Review by Richard B. in Enfield, CT 08/13/2012

Project: Install Propane Furnace / Forced Hot Air Heating System Filled out a quote request on and booked appointments with 3 providers that they recommended. I chose one of their providers. They replaced my furnace and air conditioning unit and zoned my home to balance temperatures throughout the house. They did an excellent job. Professional and speedy. My house is now comfortable, thanks to's excellent referral service.

Review by Mary B in New Britain, CT 09/12/2011

Project: Replace Hot water Tank I filled out a request on and got 3 providers to call me. I chose one provider, who did not do a good job. took care of the arbitration and got us a new provider who completed the job promptly and correctly. The original provider cooperated with to come and pick up their unit, once the new provider came in and installed the new hot water tank. is a very professional organization and would recommend them to any home owner. I previously had 2 very bad experiences with ServiceMagic, so this was refreshing to find a company that cares.

Jennifer H - Meriden CT 04/05/2013

I use Weezoo, instead of Google to search for everything. Weezoo gives me organized listings. No more sifting through all the spam blogs.